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About Zental Dental

Dr. Sharda Arora

She is a leading Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Implantologist of Delhi, practicing in Gulmohar Park for last 20 years. She has also worked with India’s most leading dentist Dr.Col. S.S.Duggal for 10 years at G.K-1. Dr. Col.S.S. Duggal was the founder of New Delhi Armed forces Dental Center and was adorned by “Sword of Honor” by the then Bhutan King.

Dr. Sanjay Arora is a renowned dental surgeon running the largest and technologically the most advanced dental practice in the country for last 20 years in Gulmohar park area, He has three super specializations along with a post graduate degree from Mumbai, and rest from various parts of the world.

This cutting edge science is at the absolute frontier in dentistry and has undergone development at the hands of the leading scientists for over 75 years, mostly in US and Germany. Parts of this science are now taught as official courses in leading universities as Tufts.

Dr Arora has till now, cured over 600 patients of various body pains like, Migraine, Cervical, Shoulder, Back , Sciatica and knee pains. These pains are cured by correcting imbalance in jaw joint due to abnormal grinding of teeth. The cases have been cured over 12 years, with pain 99% of times not coming back.

Rate of cure remains above 97%. Some FDA approved very sophisticated technology like computer controlled pressure sensors and accelerometers are involved in the cure.

We 95 % of times would prefer one piece implants (rests are two piece implants i.e. they have a screw between two parts of the implant). This screw or even other modality called Morse Taper has a tendency to loosen from time to time putting patient at great unease, repeat appointment, screw breakage which mostly requires cutting of the implant which leads to great loss of bone around the implant and an extended complicated surgery.