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About Western hospital

Western Hospital (Western Infirmary) WI is an institution with over 25 years experience in health care. We started off as the Lanka Medicare Company in 1984 with the aim of giving quality kidney care to the patients of Sri Lanka and beyond.

I am happy to say that after so many years on, WI has kept its promise with a focus on excellent kidney care. We have now diversified into a General Hospital with our heart still being very much on Haemodialysis & Kidney Transplantation. We are proud to have been the first team to have done a Kidney Transplant (KT) in Sri Lanka in 1985. We have the longest running KT programme in the country.

We have now expanded to include a variety of services. We make no pretences about being hi-tec. Our focus is on the care we give our patients backed by essential services to keep you, our valuable patients, comfortable. We have personally coached all our staff members to reflect and your feedback is valued by us. Our humane approach to service is well known.
Our flagship kidney transplant programme is the longest running in Sri Lanka. With our experience of 800 transplants, a KT with Western Hospital is a reliable solution. Some of the features of our programme:
A comprehensive process takes you from registration, consultation and counselling right up to the operating table.
A seasoned post transplant care team. A specialized Renal Intensive Care for post transplant patients Post transplant clinics for follow up Packages to suit your budget We can help you get assistance from the President’s Fund*. All KTs are ratified by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka*.