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Cure Destinations Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the services of Cure Destinations. Our aim is to deliver high quality and affordable products allowing our clients to experience exceptionally high quality medical services in India and abroad. We act as a facilitator through your journey, from the initial consultation through to your return journey home.

These terms and conditions explain the agreement you have entered into with Cure Destinations and the consultant for your treatment at the hospital of your choice. They outline what is and isn't included in your fixed price, and what happens if you need more treatment or have to stay in hospital longer than planned.

The products and services offered by Cure Destinations are delivered through the hospitals the company is affiliated with, or us.

The following points highlight the obligations between you and us:

Our role is to act as a third party facilitator between the hospitals & surgeons we are affiliated with and you (patient); we Endeavour to work in your best interests as part of this process. The quote will include the procedure that you and the hospitals and surgeons we are affiliated with, have agreed upon. All procedures should be thoroughly understood and if there is any aspect that you do not understand please seek clarification. If requested your quote may include the cost of travel and other services. Please be aware that all surgery has a risk attached to it and in the case of surgery there may be an element of dissatisfaction with the final outcome.

We will not be held responsible for medical procedure disputes. Our liability is limited to a duty of care in our capacity as a third party facilitator governed by Indian law.

In the event of a dispute between you and the surgeon this would be conducted under the country in which your operation took place unless otherwise agreed, as long as the complaint is logged within a time period of up to twelve months after surgery.

Your treatment will be carried out at a fixed price that is agreed with you before the treatment starts. It may require few nights to stay in hospital.


Fixed price:

Cure Destinations is executed by a team of experienced and talented professionals from tourism and medical industry. Beside the internal team we have channel partners to cater the customer’s need. eg. We have reputed travel agencies which will plan your travel needs at very reasonable pricing, we have tie ups with top rated hospitals so we can provide you treatment at discounted pricing. We are also having reputed doctors in our advisory panel.

Treatment confirmation letter:

This is the letter we will send you to confirm the treatment to be carried out after the Hospital / doctor’s consent and the fixed price for the treatment, also flights, accommodation etc (as per your request).

If your treatment includes any variation to the terms and conditions below, we will include this in the treatment confirmation letter.

Our Fully Inclusive Service:

Upon your Hospital Admission:
Pre-operative assessment the day prior to your surgery
Your own private room within the hospital where possible
24 hour nursing and care facilities
Operating theatre, medication and dressing fees
Dietary advice from the hospitals dietician
High Dependency Unit / Intensive Care unit if required
Histology, Imaging, Physiotherapy and Pathology if required

Upon your hospital discharge:

Medication to take home following discharge for up to seven days
Removal of stitches and dressings if required
Private Transfer to/from airport/hotel/hospital

Accommodation arrangements completed on your behalf

The surgery solutions representative shall discuss your chosen type of accommodation and budget with you, they will then make all of the hotel bookings for you giving you full peace of mind.

Places of interest, visitor attractions will be arranged as requested

If you want to visit any visitor attractions whilst in India or abroad (where your treatment is going to be held) our representatives will arrange this for you, subject to length of stay and type of surgery being undertaken.


Flights from your requested Airport will be booked for you; one of our representatives shall discuss your preferred budget, time and date of departure and complete all of the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Administration with your GP and/or Hospital Consultant

Upon receipt of your written consent, Surgery Solutions will liaise with your GP and/or Hospital Consultant to attain and forward your medical records by recorded courier to our surgeons abroad.

Visa Service

We will provide you with the prescription letter of the doctor to confirm the medical treatment, that letter will be submitted by other documents to the embassy in your country.

Upon your hospital discharge:

Medication to take home following discharge for up to seven days Removal of stitches and dressings if required

What you have to pay for separately from the fixed price:

Treatment or investigations before or after surgery, except those listed above

Personal expenses such as telephone calls, newspapers and meals for visitors

Treatment anywhere other than at the hospital where you are booked for your surgery

Consultations, investigations or treatment nor related to your surgery

For any items not included in the fixed price, you will need to pay the standard charges and consultant fees.

To make your trip even easier for you, should you wish, we can also arrange a comprehensive travel package including return flights, hotel accommodation and arrange places of interest and visitor attractions for you to visit.

Upon receipt of your instruction to proceed we will make and confirm all of the required appointments with your consultant and confirm with you the date for your scheduled date of surgery.

We can provide you with the information regarding the hospital and consultant whom is to provide your surgery, please request this from the Surgery Solutions representative.

Please note that the price will be confirmed upon receipt of your completed medical history form. The final bill is subject to your medical condition on admission, complexity of treatment and thereby the duration of stay.

What do you need to do before your treatment?

Personal information will be sent from your end to Cure Destinations in order to co-ordinate and facilitate the services:

Personal Information collected may include, but is not limited to:
Your name and address
Date of Birth
Passport and Travel details
Contact details, mobile phone numbers and email addresses
Medical Information (as per your consent and questionnaire forms)
Personal Data from the website
Partner Information

It is important that you provide timely and accurate information in order for us to deliver the service to you. Failure to provide the information may result in Cure Destinations delaying or being unable to provide the services to you.

In providing a quote and service to you Cure Destinations may disclose information to its service providers. Cure Destinations will take reasonable care to ensure that our service providers are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in regards to protecting your personal information.

Holding accurate information

Cure Destinations takes extensive precautions to ensure that the personal information we collect, use and or disclose is complete and correct. However, the accuracy of the information is subject largely to the details you submit. With this in mind Cure Destinations would ask that the client advise us if there are any omissions or errors in your personal details and of any changes to your personal information or contact particulars, (name/address) as soon as possible.

All correspondence with clients will be via fax, email and telephone in respect of planned medical treatment, medical information, and travel details. We ensure confidentiality of information at all times with respect to our confidentiality policies and procedures.

Cure Destinations presents information, products and services through our website/ email. When you utilise our site, the web server records anonymously detail, including time, date and URL of the request.

Sensitive Information

Cure Destinations may collect personal information that is sensitive and may relate to health or medical details. Sensitive information will be used or disclosed only for the purpose for which it was given and forwarded directly to the party it is intended for as required by law. Where medical information is required to be transferred to a third party, this will be in conjunction with the completion of a consent form, (release of medical information form).

Medical information provided by Cure Destinations is to be considered as an educational service only. The information sent through email should not be relied upon as a medical consultation. This medium is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgement about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. Cure Destinations will ensure that we try to provide you with information that will help you make your own health care decisions.


Cure Destinations does not offer medical or legal advice. Our aim is to provide our customers access to quality, world-class medical services at affordable prices.

Cure Destinations helps you to find medical treatment opportunities in India and abroad. The role of Cure Destinations is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages with the option to include a holiday package. Cure Destinations does not offer any medical advice and is in no way liable for the actions of third parties. By signing the disclaimer you are aware of and acknowledge the role of Cure Destinations as described. You further accept that the decision to have medical treatment abroad is your decision and that you are aware of any risks involved.