What’s more important – Quality Treatment or Affordable Medical Care?

What’s more important – Quality Treatment or Affordable Medical Care ?

Doesn’t this question come up in your mind when you fall sick? You know as a human being we have a tendency of getting things at very affordable or pocket friendly rate or price and we also expect that particular thing to be of top quality. The same rule applies when we fall sick. So the question that I asked in the beginning of the blog was pretty correct. Wasn’t it?

Having said that I would like to draw your attention towards a few facts and figure. The United States remains the No. 1 destination for immigrant high-tech workers. But with U.S. visa quotas running out quickly each year, international recruitment efforts are increasing the flow of Indian software engineers to countries other than the United States. Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom have all sought to recruit Indian software engineers. Many have either sent senior government officials here on recruiting trips or have told visiting Indian ministers of their domestic industries' plans to hire more Indian nationals. So that’s what the current scenario of the Technical is or engineering world is.

But have you ever wondered about the medical field. How popular are Indian doctors abroad? Okay let me take you through it. President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Narendra Kumar and vice-chairman of the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) Satheesh Mathew spoke to one of the leading daily newspaper on the sidelines of the ‘Diamond Medcon’ at the Government Medical College here, which concluded on Monday. “Indian doctors in the U.S. is almost a brand name now and senior doctors are in very powerful positions, be it politically or financially,” said Dr. Narendra Kumar, who explained that the AAPI was an umbrella group under which various Indian physicians’ groups in the country functioned. U.S.-based Indian students accounted for 12 per cent of admissions to American medical schools. “This figure is excluding the numbers who come in from abroad,” he added. In addition, the number of residents or postgraduates in training at hospitals here, comes to 20 per cent, said Dr. Kumar.

In the United States, doctors of Indian origin have considerably risen in the ranks of the medical community and the significant portion of the fraternity consists of specialists hailing from India, especially when this figure is compared with the total population of Non-Resident Indians based in there.

This data clearly points to the fact that if you are under the care and guidance of a doctor of Indian origin then be rest assured you are in safe hands which is again a direct indication to the fact that India has turned out to be one of the most popular and sought after destinations for Medical Tourism.